Monday, February 11, 2008

Cultural Divide

One highlight of our trip to Costa Rica this year was the Super Bowl Party in the jungle. You see, Bradd, the owner of the lodge, is originally from Providence, Rhode Island and of course is a fan of the Patriots.

Tracy, a young American who has lived in CR for a decade or so, built a home in the middle of nowhere several years ago. It is truly is a palace, a simple palace. Actually, she rents this place out now, having built herself another home nearby. Anyway, we hiked the hot, sweaty 30 minutes to her house carrying all the bottles of beer, booze, ice and mixer. I must admit that when one of the guys offered to carry my backpack, I allowed him to do that!

What was really funny about the game in the jungle, (the tv was powered by the generator) was that the audio feed was in Spanish. And the announcer sounded like he was calling a soccer game. I hope you know what I mean -- the lengthening of the excited voice. "And he's over the Lin-n-n-n-n-e (only in Spanish)" which the tone going up and then down. Listen to a soccer game and you'll understand. Also, none of the commercials were the new ones.

I met an author at the party. I'll write about him soon. It's an interesting story.

The walk back in the dark was challenging. I made it back without falling on the slippery mud until I stepped onto a stump that had a hole in it. Luckily, no injury!

So what's the most unusual Super Bowl party you've ever attended?

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