Monday, February 18, 2008

Sock It To Me!

Ya' just never know.

I met with Bryon Traynoff last week. He is a new member of my BNI chapter and owns BT Home Revitalizing. We spent some time chatting, getting to know each other. As a result, Bryon, asked what other things I was involved with.

I told him about Leadership Toledo and how my sub group is working on helping Hannah's Socks become a better and larger non-profit. Hannah's Socks accepts donations of socks and then gives them to the various shelters for those who might not have socks, or at least dry socks.

Bryon said, "You want more socks?"

That was Thursday.

Today is only Monday, but in that time, I have talked with Bryon's dad, George Traynoff, who had talked with his friend, David York, who manages American Knitting in North Carolina. George told me to call Candy, who works for David. With that one phone call, 30 dozen pairs of socks are going to come Hannah's Socks way. That's 360 pairs of socks. And Candy said that we can ask for more.

All because Bryon was interested enough to ask questions.

Thanks Bryon!

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