Wednesday, February 27, 2008

You Mean, You Think I Can Help?????

Yesterday, my day was wonderful!

After launching a new Certified Networker class in spite of the snow, I met with a couple people from the Findlay chamber (or GreaterFindlayInc. as it is now called.) It was such a refreshing meeting.

I felt like Sally Field at the Oscars several years ago when she was amazed that they like her!

Jeremiah Gracia,VP Business Development and Dionne Neubauer, Vice President, asked how I thought we might partner to help the members of the chamber succeed even more. They had some ideas, I had some ideas and we're going to collaborate to determine what works.

Their open-minded welcome was very different from what I've experienced in the past with other similar organizations.

As I said....a breath of fresh air.

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