Thursday, August 28, 2008

"She Can't Refer Me..... Sob!"

This week I got a great question from Sharon Czarny who owns the Czarny Insurance Agency.

She explained that a good friend (we'll call her Susie) of hers who owns a large business in town, does not place her business health insurance with Sharon. Sharon does not fault Susie, knowing that the previous provider has a longer standing relationship.

But Sharon was insistent that Susie would not be able to refer business because of course, "Susie does not know the benefits I (Sharon) would provide."

I disagreed totally with her.

My questions to Sharon were, "Does Susie know who you are? Does she know the type of person you are. Are you referable?" Of course the answers to all three queries were a resounding yes!

"Then," I said, "There is every reason for Susie to refer you. She knows how you'll act with her clients and friends."

As I was driving home from this meeting in my little yellow Mini, I reflected even more on this age-old question. Then at the red light, waiting to turn left, I had an aha moment!

When a prospect says the word yes and decides to become your client, they are basing this yes on perceived future performance. That perception is based on your personality, references from others, your performance to date and a lot of hunch. They really have no idea of how it is going to be as your customer, because they have not experienced that yet.

It is the same with a referral source. They do not always have to be a client to have the hunch that you will make them look good.

There! Simple. But I'd never put it into words before.

What aha moment have you had this week?

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