Monday, August 25, 2008

You Do What?

Friday a new Certified Networker class was started in Findlay (and Toledo, too.) I happen to be teaching the Findlay class.

The first session of the class is all about figuring out what the message is that you send out to the world. The reason for this is that if the message is too complicated, a referral source will not want to or be able to easily pass it on to someone else. Of course, that can be a challenge in word-of-mouth marketing.

One participant was struggling a little with trying to figure it all out. He is young (24) and is a financial planner. He was giving us the same ole, same ole message that most f/p's use. "Financial success, peace of mind, etc." (The image to the right does not relate at all to the financial planning industry, it just made me laugh when I saw it and I immediately knew what kind of lawyer I might be talking with if I dialed the number. Clear message!)

Another participant in the class turned to him and said, "Just last week I was talking with my financial planner and he asked me what I wanted from him. This is what I told him. I want my money to outlive me while supporting me in the lifestyle I have become accustomed to."

I'm not sure if the youngster "got it" right away, but the rest of the students sitting around the table could be seen vigorously nodding their heads and smiling.

The point here is that sometimes we have to ask for help in figuring out the answers.

A second point is that if everyone else is using the same message, it just doesn't cut it. We all need to understand what clearly makes us stand out from the others. When we know that, our message is easier to pass on. It also makes it easier for prospects to quickly decide if they want to do business with us. The people who want to buy from us, will and those who don't, move on.

It's that easy.


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