Thursday, January 4, 2007


Today, I was introduced to the BNI Silver Dollar chapter as their new AD (Assistant Director) by the previous AD, Jim. He needs to be relieved of this responsibility because his area is developing more to the south. This will be a first for me even though I sat through director training several years ago. Usually my function is to be the trainer for this area.

I am excited about the prospect of helping this chapter achieve more success. They have a good team in place and my feeling is that they can make a difference. I met with Rich Jones, VP of Membership, right after the meeting and he has a vision of what he'd like for the chapter. During our meeting we shared ideas of how to get the rest of the members excited, too. He said that he hoped he would be able to share the ideas in a way that the members would listen.

It's interesting how life just keeps weaving itself together. You see, last week I was interviewing people to get quotes about my friend, Lynda Goodremont, because I was nominating her for the Athena Award. Mary Arquette, VP for Advancement at Lourdes College said this about Lynda. "There is a saying from St Francis of Assisi that reminds me of Lynda. It is, 'Preach often; if necessary use words.'" I had never heard that quote, but I love it. And guess what, I figured if I shared it with Rich, his members might listen.

In what ways have others in your life shown leadership?

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