Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Understanding the Segment

Yesterday I had a chance to meet with Cheryl Engfer, a DEO (Dedicated Equity Originator) for National City Bank. Of course I know about equity loans, but until I met Cheryl, I had never heard of a banker that focuses only on that segment of financial services. Basically, Cheryl helps people use the equity in their homes for purchases instead of using higher interest rate options.

What was really neat about the conversation was that Cheryl understands that she has a tool to help people, and knows that she needs to connect with businesses where people tend to borrow money for projects. It could be remodeling, cosmetic surgery, weddings or even real estate investments. She said, "I've only been doing this about two years and in fact I wish I'd known about it when my dad died and I needed to pay for his funeral expenses. I didn't know any better, than to put it on a credit card."

As a result of Cheryl's comment, I began to think of all the people I know in the death care industry.

After our coffee, we both attended the lunch time WEN meeting (the rollover 50/50 raffle is still rolling over and the pot is up to a little over $1100.) I was able to introduce Cheryl to Megan Coyle Stamos, a funeral pre-planner. I missed another pre-planner in attendance because that person left before I could make the intro. But just by listening for clues in the conversation, I was able to at least begin making those connections.

Isn't that what networking is all about?

What verbal clues have you heard that the other person hasn't realized they were giving you?

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