Thursday, January 25, 2007

I'm Proud

Yesterday, my friend, Lynda Goodremont was named Athena Woman of the Year, by the Toledo Chamber of Commerce. I had nominated this very deserving woman and had a ball doing it. When I nominate people for awards, I don't keep it a secret, after all, I look at the nomination process as a way to strengthen an already strong relationship.

I have known Lynda for about four or five years -- and when I write that it doesn't sound long, but I feel like I've known her all my life. She's just one of those people -- always giving of herself and making people in her midst feel very special.

When I began to answer the four "essay" questions, I realized that others could help me with the process. So really the nomination was a group effort that I just organized into a logical presentation. Thanks to Mary, Tina, Amanda, Lizzie, Merri, Starla, Marcia, Linda and probably a couple others that I am forgetting to name, we delivered a winning nomination that was a match for the appropriate winner of the Athena award this year.

As Lynda accepted her stunning award yesterday, she told the audience of 600, "It just seems too weird to be receiving notice for doing what I consider just ordinary, everyday things in life." All I can say in reply is that the ordinary things Lynda does for others, makes for smiles in our ordinary lives!

Would you keep a nomination a secret or be public about it?

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