Monday, January 1, 2007

Yea for Tomorrow!

I have to tell you that I am ready to have the work week begin tomorrow, even though it will already be Tuesday. I did work three days last week, but it seems like forever since I've really had my business as usual brain in gear.

Tomorrow it is back to meeting with people -- trying to meet my ten appointments a week goal. Looking at my calendar, I have only three scheduled appointments set for this week. Yikes, I guess I will have to get busy making some calls tomorrow!

On a really exciting note, my friend Michelle Donovan is coming to Toledo from Pittsburgh to deliver a half day session called Armed, Safe and Engaging for Subject Matter Experts. We already have about 23 people signed up for this January 19 session. Michelle is an expert in teaching and presenting methods for adults. So even though we don't start any Certified Networker classes series in January, this will ramp us up for the three class series starting in February.

What are you doing in January to help you be more successful this year?

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