Thursday, January 11, 2007

One to One Flavorings

One to one appointments can have so many nuances.

I thought about that today after I met with my friend, Dave Achen. He happens to be a grad of the Certified Networker program and is also a member of the CN Board of Action. He been a financial planner for many years.

Our conversation today, was one to help us catch up with each other. The exchange was casual not directed. I heard about his holiday trip to College Park, TX and we talked about CN community activities. I asked him to introduce me at a presentation I will be making in February to the Sylvania Chamber of Commerce. He told me that 2006 was his best year ever and that '07 is starting out to be even better. Nice. A luxury.

That is one way to conduct a one to one appointment. I need those ever so often.

There are more focused ways to meet with people. I do many more of those meetings. I want to know how I can help the person sitting across the table from me and if that person asks, I'm ready to give her a suggestion of how she can help me. While those meetings are rewarding, they take more energy. I am working! Don't get me wrong I enjoy them very much, just in a different way.

The one important point is that in both types of meetings no overt selling is conducted. It's about the relationship and how it can be improved.

What business luxury do you occasionally allow yourself?

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